You’re running a ceiling fan in the wrong direction and/or at to high a speed. I But the idea of a fire without smoke and a fireplace without ventilation tends to give people pause. Will this smell eventually burn off? Melanie. You must provide proper combustion & ventilation air. So, we had it completely disconnected Now we have an electric fireplace. Be careful what you wish for. Curtains, draperies replaced. I would have never installed them if I would have know about the odor . There are also electric options. The basic concept is in the name- a fireplace insert, typically gas or propane burning, that needs no ventilation. I wouldn’t use it EVER, without having some kind of ventilation going on in the living room where it is located. I have an existing fireplace that i want to convert to an insert. The installation will be more costly and it will not operate as efficiently, letting much of its heat out through the ventilation, it can be worth it for those with persistent safety concerns. I never use it for more than 2 or 3 hours at a time and have never had a problem. Free Mobile Apps People still get mislead . We have had our ventless for 6 months. 40k$ damage. Previous post saying they are safe, without venting, is either dishonest, salesman , manufacturer, or a complete fool. By burning gas instead of wood, you can create a “smokeless” heat that doesn’t require ventilation and allows all the heat created by the fire to stay in your home. … CO also. But how then, if it is known that these ventless units contribute to the dagners outlines above, can they be considered safe for homes or even sold in stores? You should do your research. We used our ventless fireplace quite often when we first moved in. Lack of maintenace/improper maintenance. I’ll leave it at that. So, when you read comments from “professionals” who don’t understand how a vent-free gas wall heater could possibly work without “venting” do yourself a favor and disregard their comment and don’t hire them. UK: MyBuilder, © Copyright 1999-2020 HomeAdvisor, Inc. All Rights Reserved If you have a high capacity oven range, ran all the burners on high for several hours a day (or if it’s malfunctioning), you might have a toxic gas problem. The other issue with any of the above inserts or stoves is that in each case, additional ventilation must be installed along with the unit itself. This means high costs, the need to pull permits, and sometimes even have the job inspected after the fact. 9 times out of 10 you’re buying a piece of junk that has a very limited warranty and is only a seasonal product for them.Plus, who’s going to install it properly for you? We get calls just about everyday in burn season with consumers complaining about there ventfree Fireplace ,Log or insert. Still, too many homeowners covet the low installation and operating cost and only want to use their fireplace on a limited basis. The fact of the matter is that vent-free, gas burning fireplaces and other other appliances definitely DO emit elemental gasses into the home, including carbon dioxide (Not a huge deal. I also recommend checking with your local code office, as many areas have their own set of guidelines pertaining to the installation of a vent free appliance in a bedroom. But I ‘ll have to agree with them when it comes to non-vented fireplaces. This is seldom an issue if installed properly by a competent professional. I’m extremely pleased with my ventless because there’s adequate ventilation and it’s properly set-up and maintained. I would never put a ventfree in my house so we will never sell a ventfree. My ventless fireplace has put black suit all over the ceiling and furniture! I used my ventless fireplace a lot, I loved it so much. "And the safety hazards are magnified in multifamily dwellings, as the actions of one unit can affect the entire building." 1. Canada: HomeStars There is just so much bad info out there. Much bigger in Europe You’ll pay $3,500 to $8,000 or more, depending on fireplace quality and the amount of remodeling … If you have a non-vented fireplace, either install a chimney or change it into a fake electric. Still, if you turned up each burner full blast, opened the oven and set it to broil, and left a burning candle in your home while you ran some errands, you might come home to a pile of rubble, or at the very least a super toxic gas problem. Many ventfree products are way over sized for the room there in. They can look at the room size, heating requirements, structural envelope of your home, competing combustion air appliances you may have, and other factors to help you make a decision on whether a vent free gas fireplace is the best solution for you. No alarm. We have a big ventless that was here when we bought our condo. This type of perspective is important to consider as you shop for ventless fireplace units. The ZVF24 Kingsman Zero Clearance Vent-Free Gas Fireplace, with its 24-Inch size, is an excellent compact vent-free choice for smaller rooms. This limits the amount of gas emissions tremendously. Natural gas fireplaces produce a lot of heat so you must be very careful to keep all combustibles away from the unit. Neither of these points of view captures the complexity of gas emissions via vent free appliances. Does that help against CM poisoning? Make sure that the maximum BTU Output is not more than you need or can handle. If you’re installing a Vent-free Gas Fireplace. That said, if you are diligent and follow up consistently with regular maintenance to your unit, your fireplace will likely be no more of a threat than a gas stove. It’s a good question and some people would say they’re not. A fire extinguisher should be stored nearby, and families should develop a fire safety plan as well. It did give me headaches when it was first fired up every year but once the dust burned off it was okay. With a properly sized unit that only runs occasionally or a few hours at a time, there will likely be no problems. Check their Customer Comments & Reviews about their work and knowledge. Went back inside , immediately shut off stove, opened windows and doors. An approved safety barrier is included on the Ascent This fireplace comes equipped with the reliable standing pilot valve in possession of a flame guard, safety barrier screens, and the ability to pair with a full line of remotes or wall switches. The unit hasn’t been serviced annually since you purchased it. Closing the damper is all you need to do. Look no further than your gas stove top. We are having a ventless gas fireplace inserted and after reading the dangers that can occur we have now opened up our chimney. And there was soot damage on the mantel and the wall above the fire place. A quick skim is likely all you will need to settle your anxieties. But, the blades of the fan Improper installation, improper fireplace sizing, improper use, and appliance failure can all lead to major safety issues. Everyone else had to leave but we remained warm and cozy. Italy: Instapro Part of the debate against ventless is, clearly, that builders, heater dealers, etc make more money selling vented systems. We have it on all day, I turn it down at night and allow the electric furnace low heat while sleeping. As the mercury drops and Christmas trees go up, so does the opportunity for house fires. Even though it is narrow will this make it safe to have the ventless fireplace installed or should we put doors on the front as well. Carbon monoxide is by far the most widely known of the dangerous gasses. would there be an advantage of maybe leaving damper open a little to eliminate the gas leaking into room or should I not worry about it and close dampers fully. A fire in Pulaski early Thursday prompted the fire chief to remind citizens to use … Regulations from California, Massachusetts, and Canada are often exaggerated, and over blown. Just make sure … The basic concept of a vent-free fireplace is easy enough to understand. Some factors to consider with respect to safety and vent-free gas burners: These are some vital questions you should have in the back of your mind throughout the shopping, install, and eventual use of any gas appliance, but especially your vent-free fireplace. Thus, your modest desire for a little warmth and ambiance becomes a much bigger job. So much of what can go wrong has to do with one of the above factors. Moe Hufsey. To avoid this, many homeowners toy with the idea of ventless fireplaces. I never had any problems. Please be assured that we, too, feel that safety is the utmost concern with any fire. Why are ventless fireplaces not banned? Though not bad enough to require anything more than to clean up the immediate area. Staggered to outside. If you decide to install a vent-free gas fireplace do yourself favor and install multiple carbon monoxide detectors in your home, including near the fireplace. Just make sure you watch the cubic foot requirements of you fireplace and install detectors. Ventfree products should not be used as a main heat source. Number three is important, but seldom the cause of a major problem. We can’t burn them very long without having to turn the off, it stinks! Why do you need ventilation air for something not vented & how does that work? On the other hand, if they tell you there are some concerns, but they’ve never had any problems with their fireplaces, ask them to put in writing that they will cover any damages and expenses associated with product failure. Visit us to view our full line of fireplaces. Both points of view are valid and mi… On the other hand, gas-burning types always run the risk of a gas leak. Terms & Conditions | Air flowing out a chimney vent flue can even prevent combustion gases from other appliances from exhausting properly. I crank a window open and have a fan blowing out, whenever I use it. Problems arise under the following circumstances: 1. white contaminates every where. Diagnosed a year later with Horners Syndrome. We could do like everyone else & just sell the junk but our customers are more important to us than the money. 3. Ones for Natural Gas and the other for Propane Gas. Scented candles soot any way. This way, if yours does begin to emit carbon monoxide you will know right away and can remedy the situation before it has spread too far throughout the home. A vented gas heater, a direct-vent wood stove or an electric heater will all provide enough output to safely heat a room for long periods of time. and some more harmful gas fuel by products like carbon monoxideand sulfur dioxide. One that will come to your home and survey what you want to do. If the kids or an uninformed adult pokes at the logs you will have a problem. placement. Any advice is very much appreciated. Check them regularly. Vent-free is rated as a Decorative Supplemental Gas Heating Appliance. So apparently it had happened again. You might be thinking if all these dangerous gases are being pushed into my home, how is it that vent-free fireplaces are safe at all for residential use? All, however, have some pros and cons that are important to consider. Ceramic Fiber feels like a piece of Styrofoam when you pick one up and do not last long when burning Propane. A traditional vented gas fireplace (view example on Amazon), fueled by either natural gas or propane, has two vents that run to the exterior of the house. Soot all over the entire house. Just do be careful, all! annually by a professional gas technician. The Ascent ™ 42 can be designed to your personal taste and can match any home décor. For more information on fireplaces, check out: Installing Gas Fireplaces; Wood Fireplace Inserts; Electric Fireplace Inserts If a log in a non-vented fireplace gets moved just enough so that the yellow flame licks it then soot is produced. I have had no issue with mine. Our son got up an hour later and told us to turn it off. I have a split Cape and, right now (12/26/18), the first floor is at 34% humidity and the upstairs is 40%. The rest are normally covered by the manufacturer’s warrant. I did some research on the ventless/vented debate and decided to place temp/humidistats throughout the home. Trendy Furniture & Décor From Kingsman Fireplaces Gas Fireplaces Stoves. However you use your fireplace, these basic safety tips can prevent burns, accidental fires and fatalities. When you add the warm, moist heat from the Vent-free There are gas fires suitable for installation in a bedroom and they are of the room sealed variety or open flue (into a chimney) provided it it less than 14kW gross input and is fitted with a suitable safety device to prevent a build up of fumes.This device is usually referred to as an oxypilot. They can not be converted from one gas type to the other. You’re burning scented candles while the burner is in operation. The real truth is most folks simply use vent free heaters, logs, etc. just purchased a home & the product was there. If you have an eye for aesthetics and design, then Napoleon Grandville is ideal for you. This is because the gas or propane insert creates no smoke, just a flame and its subsequent heat. In South Africa, Eskabe have 4 vented gas heater models. Fireplaces are most often used around the holidays, but some households use fireplaces all winter long to keep their living spaces at a comfortable temperature. Part of this notoriety stems from the fact that it is scentless and colorless. The stove is properly sized with the correct gas pressure regulator installed. Netherlands: Werkspot Until we can afford a vented gas unit, I’m fine with it. Some DIY’ers really mess this part up. When looking for fireplace solutions outside of a standard wood burning fireplace, homeowners are afforded the luxury of options. Napoleon manufactures gas and electric fireplaces, wood-burning fireplaces, gas & wood stoves. To ALL. The Dept of Energy rates a Vented Log Set or Fireplace as Decorative Gas Appliance. That Cozy Fire Could Be Hazardous to Your Health. By-products are still created when burning gas in your home, including carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, among others. These health hazards can span from minor things like headaches to even death in worst case scenarios. Is the unit the correct size for your fireplace opening? I also have hardwired CO alarms on each floor. If the vapor emissions persist, mold and mildew can begin to fester, which down the road could compromise the wood joists and framework that provide structural integrity to your home. They are designed specifically for bedrooms, bathrooms and smaller sized rooms. Others will point out that you’re also openly burning gas when you turn on your stove, and people aren’t exactly showing up in the news condemning the use of gas stove and oven ranges. Ran overnight in a 200sf home, with vaulted ceilings and carbon dioxide detectors. A freestanding trifold hearth screen works well. We had the fireplace on as we had morning coffee. Am concerned because of previous cancer and we use this fireplace a lot due to the cold cold weather! Incorrect installation. That said, many homeowners take the stance that no level of dangerous gases are safe in their home. With respect to the latter argument, part of the reason why gas stoves are not harmful is that they are rarely opened all the way for more than one burner at a time. Do you still need ventilation. But, if a user cannot/will not respect these principles then they should just run their furnace and call it a day. We have none of the issues I am reading about. Of all the dangerous gases, carbon monoxide is the most dangerous and the most notorious. Ventless fireplaces can be used in bedrooms, however the BTU limitation is 10,000 for this type of installation. Pretty simple, really. We get really tired of telling the story doing our best to try & help consumers get the truth & facts. I don’t get why people with a bad experience want to ban vent free propane fireplaces. The fact of the matter is that vent-free, gas burning fireplaces and other other appliances definitely DO emit elemental gasses into the home, including carbon dioxide (Not a huge deal. Does this mean that we are breathing In this suit? Well, for some, the answer to those questions are they can’t and they shouldn’t. one big problem many of them have no idea they have one. Enjoy Free Shipping on most stuff. In summary, vent free heating products have been around a long time and are suitable heating solutions when installed, applied and maintained in the manner for which they are intended. Excessive water vapor being emitted from your vent-free gas fireplace can cause your wallpaper to peel, as well as other structural damage. I just looked at a house that has a non-vented fireplace. So how does that work ? All walls and ceilings had to be repainted. It is still up with no problems. In some newer homes that are tightly sealed or those that were not built for fireplaces, the fire may be unable to draw enough air for the wood smoke to go up the chimney. All ventfree products explains plainly in there installer manuals & owners manual. But just because you don’t want to take the time to learn, why do you want to mess it up for everyone else? On and on. Hope all of this helps you make the right decision. If your home runs on oil, then it will be difficult for you to secure a gas powered fireplace without bringing in external fuel. They fixed everything. As a backup heat source in case of power outage from ice storms. We do have two detectors, one in the same room as the stove and one in the hallway to the three bedrooms. It's a common misconception that you can't have a gas fireplace in a bedroom; only flueless fires are prohibited, and it's fine to have a flued gas fire. Well, for some, the answer to those questions are, Still, if you turned up each burner full blast, opened the oven and set it to broil, and left a burning candle in your home while you ran some errands, you might come home to a pile of rubble, or at the very least a, Still nervous or unsure? Wall mount infrared and blue flame propage/NG heaters are common examples. We bought a home in Evans, GA in 2010. Also, keep in mind there are two types of Vent-free Gas Log Sets and Fireplaces. So do we!) Incorrect installation usually means the user did not install per manufacturer’s instructions. Fireplace Safety. Love it and I don’t have to worry about dying in my sleep. Unusual odor in home. My best advice is make your purchase from a brick and mortar hearth dealer. 3. Furniture scrubbed. The fact of the matter is that vent-free, gas burning fireplaces and other other appliances definitely DO emit elemental gasses into the home, including carbon dioxide (Not a huge deal. Clothes discarded. The two types of gas fireplaces function differently. Improper design or installation can allow combustion products to enter the house. We were the only ones with heat. 2. I have been in the gas fireplace business for almost 20 years and have found that 95% of the problems customers complain about are due to operator error. and some more harmful gas fuel by products like carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide. Both points of view are valid and misleading. Even gases other than carbon monoxide can cause respiratory problems if they’re present in large enough quantities and/or someone in the home has sensitivity to that gas. Fire destroys house; safety tips offered By MELINDA WILLIAMS. I recently had a baby and am not sure about using it this winter. Install additional detectors throughout the house including one in the same room as the fireplace. Privacy Policy, Builders (New Homes), Architects & Designers, Chimney Maintenance Keeps Your Family Safe. The firebox opening should remain just that … Open. Think about it NO VENT. We installed ventless in our condo when we first moved to Tn. They must be inspected & cleaned This is especially true with a vent free fireplace because they are made to have an almost complete combustion which lowers the carbon monoxide level. In addition there are 2 types of logs. Others will point out that you’re also openly burning gas when you turn on your stove, and people aren’t exactly showing up in the news condemning the use of gas stove and oven ranges. For starters, you may start to see your wall paper peel. Then we saw the recent photos the real estate agent just published. Different states have different Codes. That’s what you have created. You never get a second chance at a first impression, so when visitors come to call, your front door can say much more abo... How to Clean Painted Walls Without Stripping the Paint Off, How to Remove a Tree Stump: a Quick How To, Best Coping Saws Reviews & Price Comparison, Types of Cactus Plants & How to Properly Care for One, The Best Living Room Speakers that You Should Consider in 2020. But how then, if it is known that these ventless units contribute to the dagners outlines above, can they be considered safe for homes or even sold in stores? You might be thinking if all these dangerous gases are being pushed into my home, how is it that vent-free fireplaces are safe at all for residential use? For you to have this fantastic little fireplace creating cozy warmth in your … Just over 2 years ago, I bought a home with a ventless fireplace insert fueled by propane. Ceramic Fiber and Refractory Concrete. Not doing this will cause problems down the road, that you don’t want to have to deal with. One more thing Melanie . The chimney is over 100 years old and built to house a coal fire so it is quite narrow. It costed over $4,000 to install and purchase. Next morning woke up disoriented and confused. Napoleon Grandville VF Series Vent – Free Natural Gas Fireplace. But it has to be set-up and maintained correctly. Vent-free gas heating appliances do require annual service. Finally, you can go old school, and opt for a wood burning insert. Number two almost always happens, followed by number one. and some more harmful gas fuel by products like, But how then, if it is known that these ventless units contribute to the dagners outlines above, can they be considered safe for homes or even sold in stores? Yes. Anyway, his registered dangerous levels. I have had a ventless fireplace for 22 years. No soot, I have wall paper in the room the fireplace is in and the rest of the house for 39 years. To summarize, when it comes time to deciding whether a vent free gas fireplace is the best option for your home or project, it s always best to check with a fireplace professional. Number four almost never happens. 2. should be set to turn counter clock (as you’re looking up at the fan) and set on slowest Check your Owners Manual for the proper 4. Can a gas fireplace be used on an inside wall or does it need a chimney type setup, Is it okay to cap off a flume when installing vent less logs? Visit for more videos like this one!Gas fireplaces are available in vented and ventless models. In addition to having had the unit cleaned each year, my unit has a fresh air vent and I make sure it’s open. It’s not one size fits all. They have been manufactured by nearly all heater companies at one point or another. Still nervous or unsure? They’ll soot 50 times worse. Rosie urges anyone who converts a wood-burning fireplace to gas to take precautions to protect your family and your home from harm; practice good gas fireplace safety. How do you know if the unit is not working properly or has failed? Vented or balanced flue heaters that may be installed any bedroom or bathroom with safety. Few homeowners are still unaware of the odorless and colorless gas. This is not a new concept. Never turned on stove again and would not consider recommending one to any person unless an enemy. If you’ve looked into vent-free fireplaces at all, you’ve probably discovered there are quite a few differing opinions on the safety of installing one in your home. Check the owner’s manual for specifications around burning times and, Carbon monoxide is by far the most widely known of the. Floors had to be scrubbed. Obviously humidity and combustion products are the concern. We have been in the Fireplace business for about 30 years. The same is true of propane. Cleaned the room yesterday and everything was covered with black dust! Vent-free gas products have been around for decades. HomeAdvisor App, By using HomeAdvisor, you agree to our Terms & Conditions, HomeAdvisor International: re: ventless fireplace inserts. Fires are cozy, but they can cause lung problems if you have a history of lung disease. Despite what some dealers and websites will tell you. Ask these professionals and companies about health concerns. I know this is a little late. If the flame is allowed to touch something like a fake log, this can cause a tiny amount of white soot to expell- not sure if this is a health concern or not but we love heating this way. Learn More

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