Psalms 17:15, when wilt thou place me before thy countenance? "Commentary on Psalms 42:2". II. Thirst, as longing, is eternal; thirst, as aspiration after God, is the glory of heaven; thirst, as desire for more of Him, is the very condition of the celestial world, and the element of all its blessedness. And what would become of duty to our fellows were faith in the living God gone? (A. Maclaren, D. D.). And Christians have found it so. Oh! An unrivalled picture! It cries out for deliverance from guilt. It is not a mere dead idol I thirst for, but the God who has life in Himself, and imparts life to His people (Psalms 42:8), "the God of my life.". At the judgment. Hebrew El. though your week or your month or the year without meeting with the Lord's Firm belief in the especial presence of god in the ordinances of public worship. For He is ‘the faithful Creator,’ and He remembers the conditions under which His making of us has placed us. A bold petition! I. Book Two Guard against hypocrisy in worship. II. Or, as Absalom 2 Samuel 14:32, "It is to little purpose I am come to Jerusalem if I may not see the King's face." 3) This memory follows feelings of drowning. If a man is to be blessed, he must have one source to which he can go. Read the Scripture: Psalm 42-43 The book of Psalms falls into five different divisions, five books. Are you cultivating your religious faculty, or are you neglecting it, and allowing it to atrophy? Here is frequent appearance, there but once, and is for ever driven from His presence. There is a thirst of the soul to create something in its own likeness, but the first and deepest thirst is to find in what likeness it is itself created, whence all its living powers are derived, who has fixed their ends, who can direct them to their ends. I. Materialism. https: Experience is the test of that assertion. The Panting (Ps 42:1-2) Drought in the land. But where the minister is in union with his congregation, and the members feel that they have relations with each other; it is then that David’s harp gives out its music, and we in this distant land and age can accompany it. But here we have the expression of hungering and thirsting for God. ), When shall I come and appear before God?--, Appearing before God. We shall not there be independent, of course, of constant supplies from the great central Fulness, any more than we are here. An Overview of Psalm 42. Copyright StatementThese files are public domain and are a derivative of an electronic edition that is available on the Christian Classics Ethereal Library Website. It was all so wild, so free, so open. When a heart is diverted from its one central purpose, when a life is split up in a hundred different directions and into a hundred different emotions, it is like a beam of light passed through some broken surface where it is all refracted and shivered into fragments; there is no clear vision, there is no perfect light. Read Psalm 42:2 commentary using The Treasury of David. Alexander MacLaren's Expositions of Holy Scripture. But I have ventured to take them in a wider sense than that. III. III. The conqueror of Gaul was indeed a striking figure. Now, some background, Psalm 42 and 43 are by most scholars considered to be ONE Psalm. 1765. BibliographyNicoll, William R. "Commentary on Psalms 42:2". that the experience is ineffable, unable to be described or even understood. The psalmist evidently expected that this would be; but to one who loves public worship the time seems long when he is prevented from enjoying that privilege. 4. 42:5. Rose. And this hungering and thirsting for God is a picture of longing AND because they are a song and the same chorus words appear in both 42 and 43, and it’s very plain that these two go together. A Contemplation of the sons of Korah.. We don’t know when the psalms were gathered into five books, but the separation dates back to before our oldest manuscripts, compiled in the Masoretic Text. An abstraction, a possession, riches, a thing? 2. tears of sorrow vss. longing for a growing understanding of God as the ultimate person and fact He found he could satisfy his cravings with no mere knowledge of God, no mere teachings about God. What we ask, we get. We want a Being, and we want one Being in whom shall be sphered all perfection, in whom shall abide all power and blessedness; beyond whom thought cannot pass, out of whose infinite circumference love does not need to wander; besides whose boundless treasures no other riches can be required; who is light for the understanding, power for the will, authority for the practical life, purpose for the efforts, motive for the doings, end and object for the feelings, home of the affections, light of our seeing, life of our life, the love of our heart, the one living God, infinite in wisdom, power, holiness, justice, goodness and truth; who is all in all, and without whom everything else is misery. He thinks of the blessed past when he worshipped in the Temple, and had his share in “the voice of joy and praise.” But now the cruel heathen taunt him with the insulting question, “Where is thy God?” Hence, he yearns for the presence of God. 1. thirst for god vss. And how, as years go on, we are conscious of the passion of regret which rises as we gaze behind, athwart the receding years? There are many things given; there are many attractions to draw: they will stimulate; they will help; they will console; they will give pleasure: there is one thing that satisfies the immortal; there is one life that meets your need. "Sermon Bible Commentary". Religion is an element of human life everywhere, and everywhere it is an ideal and a refining element. As a deer pants for flowing streams, so pants my soul for you, O God. Study the bible online using commentary on Psalm 42:2 and more! He is our all in all. But the point of the self-discovery is put into the expression, “for the living God.” It was no mere rain-pool, still and stagnant, round which he saw those gazelles gathering. In so far as we are occupied with our own special interests, in so far the psalm is alien to us. He felt shut out from the presence of God. We call it communion because it is "having Is your soul athirst for the Highest? Taken in their original sense, the words of our text apply only to that strange phenomenon which we call religious depression. The addition: after the living God, draws attention to what the Psalmist had lost in this God, and indicates the ground of his fervent desire and his painful longing after him. To assert God’s presence in His works is one thing; to identify Him with them is another. But how unlike that other! Recognised, yielded to, accepted, it is the foundation of our highest blessings. This is a great opportunity to have some fun with the children as you lead up to Christmas. - namely, in His sanctuary (cf. Is that your experience in this present life? Sermon Psalms 42 & 43 Beyond Despair. No, we believe in God the Father. "Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible". It is a clamorous cry which comes from, which proclaims abroad, a need of man. The conscience, although generally a very quiet element in our nature, may become a very clamorous one. I. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. "The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge". III. And all these cries of the creature--this curiosity, so strong, so keen--this awful aspiration, soaring beyond the stars--and this regret so deep, so passionate--they gather up in one wild wail of need. Accordingly, when we see the marks of the divine presence engraven on the word, or on external symbols, we can say with David that there is the face of God, provided we come with pure hearts to seek him in a spiritual manner. Several have found such difficulty in this, that they would substitute the kal for the niphal, אֶרְאֶה, Luther: that I may behold God's face. It is as common as the thirst of the body. They wrote a powerful monograph about him the other day, and at the close drew a parallel between him and Christ. My Help and My Deliverer To the choirmaster. on the part of the believer: to love him more, to be comfortable in his Surely the enigma of our being, of the world, of that which is around us, in us, so beautiful, so strange, so startling, yet so real; surely the meaning of this extraordinary, this self-contradictory life--the explanation of this changing scene. Psalms 42:2 My soul thirsteth for God, for the living God: when shall I come and appear before God? All Rightes Reserved, Larry Pierce, Winterbourne, Ontario.A printed copy of this work can be ordered from: The Baptist Standard Bearer, 1 Iron Oaks Dr, Paris, AR, 72855. I know this much, that every heart here now answers an ‘Amen’ {if it will be honest} to what I have been saying. But if he has manifested himself to you, you have seen and felt enough of his blessedness to convince you that there is no real peace or happiness out of him. We are not independent. Lynchburg, Virginia. individuality. If I, made by God who knew what He was doing when He made me, am formed with these deep necessities, with these passionate longings,--then it cannot but be that it is intended that they should be to me a means of leading me to Him, and that there they should be satisfied. If the mystery of life, which attests God’s presence in the natural world, was ever felt in all its awe and its beauty by any human soul, it was felt by the great Augustine. BibliographyWesley, John. in pictures of a very mighty and totally unapproachable man in the social In the one did we feel as she did whose sad words we have quoted; or was it in the other that we felt that soundness and sanity were come to us again? "My soul thirsts for God, for the living God." - To the choirmaster. It is a bold petition. Not only in Christ is there the perfect supply of all these necessities, but also the fulness becomes ours on the simple condition of desiring it. truth. 1. But psalm is deeper. You find a delight as you gaze upon nature. 3. What is that desire to know concerned about? For there are times when we are uplifted beyond ourselves, and reverence and trust and love kindle into a consuming fire. EXHORDIUM In this Psalm, we see a godly man with a tormented soul. And time after time this same sacrament . Just what the Jew had been taught was that the Lord his God was one Lord. Oh, cynic though you be, careless though you be--nay, indifferent or hostile though you be to serious thought--tell me what need finds utterance in their voices? The way I would like to take us into Psalm 42 is to give an overview, and then show six things that this godly man does in his spiritual depression — six things that I think are meant to shape how we deal with our own seasons of darkness. the individual is saved -- God imputing the sins of the individual to Christ To appear before God's presence is elsewhere נראה אל פני יהוה, Exodus 23:17, but here the proposition fails, as in Deuteronomy 31:11, Isaiah 1:12, Exodus 23:15. Copyright StatementThese files are public domain.Text Courtesy of When shall I … For the living God: this he mentions as a just cause of his thirst. Man is a composite being, body, mind, and soul. ◄ Psalm 42:2 ► My soul thirsts for God, the living God. and defined as they are systematized in theology. from mysticism. (3) By carnality and worldliness in the ordinary frame of their hearts. 2. Scripture – Psalm 42 + 43 . Verse 2. There is no wide interval between the sense of thirst and the trickling of the stream over the parched lip; but ever it is flowing, flowing past us, and the desire is but the opening of the lips to receive the limpid and life-giving waters. he has saved me through the saving work of Christ and that I now stand Does one sin hold me down? Psalm 42 . To be sure that God lived, in the sense of being active, interested, really concerned in his concerns. Appear — In the place of his special presence and publick worship. How, then, can we offer them month after month to an ordinary English congregation, as if they could possibly speak what it was feeling? I think that the truth lies in between. The same ground which avails to defend doctrines that cannot be so well defended by any other argument-the same ground on which we say that there is an immortality, because men long for it and believe in it; that there is a God because men cannot get rid of the instinctive conviction that there is; that there is a retribution, because men’s consciences do ask for it, and cry out for it-the very same process which may be applied to the buttressing and defending of all the grandest truths of the Gospel, applies also in this practical matter. And the most superficial examination of the facts of daily life, as well as the questioning of our own souls, will tell us that this is the leading feature of them-a state of unrest. 1871-8. Chorus . Matthew Poole's English Annotations on the Holy Bible. When he says, as here, “My soul is athirst,” he describes no rare or peculiar state of feeling. John Trapp Complete Commentary. 1) Someone who seeks God, but can't find him. I. 2 My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. In fact, within Psalms 42-43 we have three smaller psalms, each self-contained, each with three parts. This psalm is one of those said to be composed for, or by, the Sons of Korach. Sermon Notes. II. I suggest that hungering and Whatever form of human nature and character be yours, my brother!-whatever exigencies of life you may be lying under the pressure of-man or woman, adult or child, father or son, man of business or man of thought, struggling with difficulties or bright with joy-Oh! things are dependent to some extent upon growing in one's understanding Your souls are thirsting for God. 2. https: And the ways in which God works is revealed in the Word and in the lives of his saints in our generation. Accept a personal Christ, God in Christ, and so may you quench your otherwise unquenchable thirst. Unconscious, it is our deepest misery. Even as you are reading, listening to theological 1999. appear before God — in acts of worship, the terms used in the command for the stated personal appearance of the Jews at the sanctuary.

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